Feralcore Imp

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This is the feralcore imp. It is a characterization of the below feralcore program. The program is named the imp in honor of the classic single instruction imp program from Core War. The programs are very similar, except that the feralcore imp consists of several instructions, an unavoidable consequence of the fact that the feralcore instruction set is based on the Motorola 68000 instruction set. The feralcore imp copies itself to the memory locations immediately adjacent to the imp, in higher memory. Once the new copy is made, control is sent to the new copy, leaving the old copy behind. The fact that it is copied to ever higher memory results from the post increment to address registers A0 and A1. When the imp reaches the very top of memory, it seamlessly copies itself to the bottom of the memory and keeps running, ad infinitum. The imp can straddle the top and bottom of memory and still run okay. The only requirement is that it be aligned on a word (2-byte) boundary, a requirement of all Motorola 68000 programs. Adam conveyed the essence of the imp to Joebert: that it have a cyberpunk, shadowrun-like feel, that it represent a program that bulldozes memory to wipe out enemy programs. The above top-heavy mechanized imp is fully prepared to launch into a somersault. Bravo!