Feralcore Dwarf

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This is the feralcore dwarf. It is a characterization of the below feralcore program. The program is named in honor of the classic dwarf program from Core War. The programs are very similar. The feralcore dwarf makes a feralcore API call to generate a random 32-bit string in data register D0. It then makes sure the value is even by forcing the least significant bit to zero and then moves it to address register A0. It then writes the 4-byte hexadecimal value 0xFFFFFFFF to the address in A0, the random even address. The dwarf therefore lobs 0xFFFFFFFF onto a randomly selected even address. This can obliterate an enemy program. The dwarf is berzerk and can wipe itself out with this operation. Adam conveyed this to Joebert: that it have a cyberpunk, shadowrun-like feel, that it represent a program that lobs bytes onto random memory locations. The above mechanized dwarf lobs its throwing axes at the enemy.